2023 Abandoned Property List Do you or someone you know have unclaimed funds at Quorum?

Check the 2023 Abandoned Property List and contact us to learn more about how you can reactivate your Quorum account and prevent unclaimed funds from getting turned over to the State.

Stack of hundred dollar bills on table, signifying abandoned property and unclaimed funds. Coin Icon Yellow Moneybag Yellow

What is Abandoned Property?

Abandoned or unclaimed property refers to funds or assets that have been inactive for an extended period of time at a financial institution (credit unions, banks, etc.) This could include dormant accounts, forgotten deposits, or uncashed checks. By law, banks and credit unions are obligated to locate and notify account owners of their inactive accounts. If after a reasonable period of time the accounts remain unclaimed or inactive, banks and credit unions are required to report and transfer the abandoned property to the state, where the account will be held until the rightful owner claims the property or funds.

If your name is on our 2023 Abandoned Property List, this means you have a Quorum account that has been dormant for three or more years and if we don’t hear from you by September 29, 2023, we are legally obligated to turn over all unclaimed funds to the state.

If you are on this list, please complete this form and follow the submission instructions or call us at (800) 874-5544, Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. ET by September 29, 2023.

If you are on this list and have already contacted us, no action is necessary.

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