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Nothing says freedom like a lot of money in the bank.

With Quorum's savings account options, saving for a rainy day has never been easier.

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HighQ Savings

Get more out of your money. Earn 0.75% APY, no matter what your balance. 

Whether you're looking to go on vacation, buy that big-ticket item you've had your eye on, or just build up a strong emergency fund, our liquid, HighQ Savings Account can help you get there without locking in your funds. HighQ Savings offers a competitive dividend rate with no minimum balance requirements and no withdrawal penalties, so you have complete control over your money. Plus, as long as you maintain eStatements, there are no monthly fees!

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*The Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is in effect as of 03/26/20. HighQ Savings Account Requirements: There is no minimum balance to open or maintain, and no monthly fee, as long as you register for and maintain eStatements. If you choose to receive paper statements there will be a $10 monthly fee. Subject to transaction restrictions per Federal Regulation D. View the Truth-In-Savings and Other Account Disclosures.

Money Management

Ladder up the savings.

More money means more money. Rates are tiered, so as your balance goes up, so does your dividend rate. But if it goes back down, there's absolutely no penalty. 

We've just increased our Money Management dividend rates! Check out our current rates today and when you're ready to open an account, simply log in to your account, then click on Open a checking/savings account to complete your application.

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Teach your children well.

Show them the value of good saving habits with their own dividend-bearing account. Members can open an account on behalf of a minor (ages 15 and under), and keep control of all transactions.

Download a Custodial Application.

For children ages 16-17, you can provide them with the freedom of their own account and add a parent or guardian as a joint owner.

Download a Minor Application and then mail or fax it to us.

Basic Savings

The Basics, done better.

Our Basic Savings account, also known as a membership account, is your key to all the quality products and expert services that come with Quorum membership. This is required to establish a relationship with Quorum. But don't worry, if you are new to Quorum, it comes preselected when you open up any product with us and we'll even fund the $5 deposit that helps get you started.  

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