NO-FEE Balance Transfers Transfer Credit Card Balances to Quorum and Save!

Leave those sky-high interest rates in 2022. By transferring balances from high interest retail credit cards to Quorum’s lower rate Mastercard with no balance transfer fees or annual fees, Quorum can help you manage your debt more efficiently.

Here’s how to transfer balances to your Quorum Mastercard:


  • Log in to online banking.
  • Click on Card Services under the More menu.
  • Click on the Card you wish to transfer balances to.
  • Click Balance Transfer. Follow the prompts to complete your transfer request.

Mobile App:

  • Under More, click on More again, then Card Services.
  • Click on the card you wish to transfer balances to.
  • Click Balance Transfer. Follow the prompts.

That’s it!  Balance Transfers will appear in your account within 24 hours.

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Balance Transfer Calculator

Amount To Transfer

Quorum Card Interest Rate

7.90% 18.00%

Current Interest Rate

Balance Transfer Fee

Quorum does not charge a fee for balance transfers.

Assuming you make only the minimum payment over the next 12 months, with this lower rate you will save .

If you pay more than the monthly minimum payment you will pay off your balance much faster while still saving on your finance charges.

Total Savings over 12 months:

Calculations provided are for illustrative purposes only and do not constitute an actual offer of credit. The accuracy of these calculations and their relation to your individual financial situation is not guaranteed.

Choose the Right Card for You!

Do you want travel points? Merchandise rewards?  How about cashback?  Whatever you’re looking for — including super low rates — Quorum offers great credit card options to fit your needs.

Best of all, you’ll save money with a Quorum Mastercard: There are no annual fees or balance transfer fees!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have balance transfer fees on your Mastercard credit cards?

No balance transfer fees! Quorum does not charge a fee for incoming balance transfers. However, you may want to ask about your card issuer’s outgoing balance transfer fees.

What do I need to make a balance transfer to my Quorum Mastercard Credit Card?

In order to complete a balance transfer from a credit card to your Quorum Mastercard, you’ll need the following information:

  • The name of your credit card issuer
  • The credit card account number of the card you are transferring from
  • The credit card issuer’s billing address
  • The amount you want to transfer

How long will it take before a balance transfer appears on my Quorum credit card account?

Balance transfers will appear on your credit card account within 24 hours.

If I transfer a credit card balance to a Quorum credit card, how long will it take for the payee (the credit card company who owns the debt) to be paid?

The payee should receive the transfer within three days by ACH, or 7 – 10 days if a check has to be mailed.

How do I set up a credit/debit card alert?

Credit/Debit Alerts will only alert you when a transaction is made using your Quorum Credit/Debit MasterCard®. Other transactions, such as checks or electronic transfers using your checking account number, will not trigger a credit/debit alerts.  

For Credit Alerts visit: Credit Alerts Registration page 

For Debit Alerts visit: Debit Alerts Registration page 

How to set up card alerts

  1. Click on the preferred link above to access the card alerts website.
  2. Scroll down and click, Register/Manage.
  3. Enter the card number you would like to register.
  4. Complete registration by following the instructions provided. 
  5. Once registration is complete, you can begin card alert set up. 

Note: If you have more than one credit/debit card account, each account requires registration to set up card alerts.