Quorum Newsletter - July 2017

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30-Yr Mortgage How to Save Thousands on Your 30-Year Mortgage

If you’re a homeowner with a mortgage, you know that the total amount you’ll pay over the life of the loan is far greater than the amount you borrowed due to the interest you pay each month. (You can see the full cost of your loan on the amortization statement that was provided at your closing.)

Do you want to see just how much extra you’ll pay on a $200,000, 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage? And how much you can save by adding just one extra payment per year?

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Teens and Money Teens and Money: Checking and Savings Accounts

One of the first steps toward real freedom (and adulthood) is having your child establish their own checking and savings accounts. These accounts will allow your son or daughter to save money, make purchases, and pay bills efficiently. Both, however, require them to take an active management role, so that they can achieve their goals and avoid errors.

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How to Be Financially Ready How to be Financially Ready to Start a Family: an Article by Truvium Financial Group 

Starting a family is one of the most remarkable things you will ever do as a couple. You have been enjoying the good life until now! No time constraints, no added responsibilities, no one depending on your money; but all that is going to change. We’re not trying to scare you; we are actually trying to help you move forward and take control of this important stage in your life.

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Best Security Practices Best Security Practices in the Age of Cyber Crimes: How to Keep Your Accounts Safe

It's always a good idea to use proper security practices with your online accounts. Read on for some easy-to-follow guidelines to help keep your accounts—and identity—safe.

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Scholarship Winners 2017 Scholarship Winners

We’re proud to announce three of our college-bound members won scholarships for the fall! Click on the link below to learn more about our winners.

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Financial Tip Money-Saving Tip

Save smart by eating smart: There are lots of ways to save money through grocery shopping and keeping tabs on what is in your pantry.

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App We Like App We Like

Visiting somewhere new this summer? Instantly familiarize yourself with your surroundings—from nearby entertainment to supermarkets to taxi services!

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