Quorum Newsletter - July 2016

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Budget Wisely Are you Ready for a Rainy Day? Budget Wisely.

Some studies show that Americans feel better than ever about their finances. Others cite these same individuals would not be able to handle an unexpected $500 expense, and are living paycheck to paycheck. Even if you are paying your bills every month, ask yourself the next important question: what happens if the unexpected occurs? Do you have enough set aside for emergencies?

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More Digital Wallets from Quorum Samsung Pay and Android Pay: Now Available!

Digital wallets offer a faster, simpler, secure way to pay for transactions at retail stores, both online with a computer and in person with your mobile device. We’ve recently added Samsung Pay and Android Pay to our supported digital wallets, joining Apple Pay and MasterPass™. But what exactly is a digital wallet? And why should you use one?

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How to Live Long and Prosper (a Truvium article) How to Live Long and Prosper

An article by Truvium Financial Group

Get ready for the most productive time of your life: retirement. Yes, retirement. Click below to learn more about how your golden years are rife with golden opportunity.

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The Basics of SS Retirement Benefits The Basics of Social Security Retirement Benefits

Before giving your employer your final notice, understand how Social Security retirement benefits work for you.

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2016 Scholarship Winners Scholarship Winners

We’re proud to announce three of our college-bound members won scholarships for the fall! Click below to learn more about our winners.

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A Savings Tip from NDRC Money-Saving Tip

There are many ways to keep your home cool and comfortable, even when it’s anything but outside. Read on for some cooling tips from nrdc.org.

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App We Like - Dashlane App We Like

Can’t keep track of all of your passwords or your credit card information? Can’t stand manually typing them in? There’s an app for that!

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