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All Aboard the Mobile Banking Train!

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Haven’t given mobile banking a try? Get familiar with our mobile banking app, so you can bank whenever and wherever you are. Here are five reasons to get on the mobile bandwagon:

  1. It’s secure.
    While many people are wary of mobile security, experts maintain that mobile is safer than other channels—including Internet banking—due to the sheer number of mobile banking platforms: there’s simply less malware in the mobile arena than traditional desktop PCs. While financial institutions go to great lengths to build in security features like multiple ID checks and passwords, remember to avoid banking while on public networks (always use a secure Wi-fi connection).

    You can also benefit from the enhanced security of mobile simply due to its instant accessibility. It’s never been more convenient to stay on top of your account-related transactions—in real-time—and quickly spot potentially fraudulent activity. You can even set up notifications so that you are alerted if your account is accessed, or a transaction has been conducted.

  2. You can deposit a check in your pajamas.
    Expecting a paycheck or two? Deposit it using remote deposit capture. Our mobile banking app will walk you right through the process of depositing your check.

  3. You can pay a bill in your pajamas, too!
    Expecting some bills? You’ll need to log in to the desktop online banking site to add a payee, but once your payee is set up, you can make a payment or view your payment history right from your mobile device.

  4. Move your money ….yep, in your pajamas: 
    Transfers has never been easier in mobile! Move money between your accounts, add an account at another financial institution, or set up a recurring transfer.

  5. You don’t have to wait for your monthly statement to check your balances.
    Get the most up-to-the-minute information about your accounts. Some apps—including ours—even allow you to check your balance without fully logging in to the app. Click here to learn how! And with biometric authentication (Face ID or Touch ID), log in to our mobile banking app even faster, bypassing your passwords and security questions. To enable this feature, simply click on Face ID/Touch ID on the main page of our mobile banking app.

Download our Mobile Banking App today!
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CUNA 2023 diamond award trophy icon

CUNA 2023 Diamond Award Winner

Financial Education

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