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2020 Year in Review

Jan 04, 2021

2020: Unlike Any Other Year.

Happy New Year, members.

It’s safe to say that 2020 put the “Unlike” in “Unlike Any Other Year.”

Like businesses and families across the country, Quorum felt the impact of the pandemic and was tried and tested by COVID-19; it forced us to pivot on initiatives we had planned to deliver to our members and partners, first rallying to meet your most immediate needs. Since March, I’ve used our monthly newsletter as an opportunity to communicate with you, from updating you on our health and safety, how to reach us, and alerting you to new helpful educational materials (like easy ways to bank remotely, and articles and webinars on the latest COVID scams and relief programs), as well as new programs and benefits (like Q-surance and our new Member Discount Program). At the start of the pandemic, we immediately began helping members in need through fee concessions, and loan forbearance and modifications, and brought on new mortgage specialists to keep up with record-breaking refinance demand. Make no mistake: while we are all hoping for the best in 2021, we’ll continue to be here for you in the New Year, and will look for ways to bring you financial relief.

2020 forced everyone to adapt to a #stayhome environment, which validated the importance of our technology investments; from closing local branches to focus on a “bank anywhere, anytime” model, to developing more self-service channels, to all around digitalization initiatives: these moves made it easier when the time came to transition our employees to a work-from-home model, around the same time you were also making a more conscious decision to bank remote. We’ve made strides this year: from an easier login experience in online banking, to enhancements within online bill pay, credit and debit card management, but we know we’ve just scratched the surface.

With growth inevitably comes a few growing pains. As we look to automate and improve new processes, we’re keenly aware of not losing what makes Quorum “Quorum,” and maintaining our high level of service and support. We’ve established a new arm of our Member Service Team, created to provide more personal support, and escalate and resolve any issues that may arise during this growth period, as well as a Digital Transformation Team, whose job it is to analyze points of friction, and look for ways to enhance your banking experience. We’re also actively surveying you, asking for your feedback so that we can continue to improve, and invest in the areas most important to you.

Thank you for continuing to bank with Quorum and instilling your faith in us. We are eager to start a New Year with you, and will continue to bring value to your Quorum membership.

Thank you to our Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee, who have supported us throughout this year unlike any other; they remain committed to serving you and your family.

With that, I wish you health, happiness, prosperity, and brighter days for all of us in the New Year. 


Bruno Sementilli