eStatements and eNotices Agreement and Disclosure

Effective March 11, 2014

1. Service Description

eStatements and eNotices refers to a service where you can obtain, view, print or copy/download periodic (monthly/quarterly) statements and applicable account notices online. Statements and notices are available for a period of the most recent 24 months. You can request statement copies if necessary for a fee (refer to the Credit Union Fee Schedule). Each month/quarter (and every day that a new notice is available), an e-mail notification will be sent advising of the availability of a statement or notice.

2. Consent to Online Delivery of Account Statements and Notices

You affirmatively consent to receiving statements and notices online. This means that you agree to permit us to provide disclosures, eStatements and eNotices, and any other applicable account notifications in electronic form, instead of or in addition to providing such statements and notices and disclosures in other form. If you would prefer to receive statements and notices by conventional mail only, you may unsubscribe either via online banking or by contacting us. It may take as long as 45 business days from our receipt of notice of cancellation for you to receive the next monthly/quarterly printed mailed statement, with all subsequent printed and mailed statements arriving monthly/quarterly thereafter.

3. Terms and Conditions

a. Access and Security Access to eStatements and eNotices will be by means of your login credentials for online banking. b. Hardware and Software Requirements To open and view eStatement or eNotices or any other document sent by us, your computer must be able to receive, present and store documents in portable document format (PDF). The latest version of Adobe Reader® software that will enable you open and view PDF documents can be downloaded at By agreeing to accept statements and notices online, you represent and demonstrate that you have the necessary equipment and software to view, access, read, download, print and store the eStatements and eNotices. c. Notifications Email is the primary communication method for this service. Therefore, you must notify us of any change in your email address. We are not responsible for requests not received. If an email address becomes no longer valid, notifications will not be received, nor will paper statements or any applicable notices to the mailing address on record.