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Mobile Deposits: Tell Your Checks to Say Cheese!

Learn how to use Quorum's free remote deposit capture service.

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Mobile Deposits (sometimes called Remote Deposit Capture) allows you to take a picture of your check using your mobile device and submit it to Quorum for deposit. This free service is available immediately upon enrollment in our online/mobile banking service; all you need to do is download our mobile banking app.

Mobile Deposits offers the same level of security that you have with online banking. For added protection, check images are stored securely with Quorum, and not on your mobile device. (We protect your online identity through secure access to our mobile banking app. Deposit limits, check holds, and other security measures are also in place to prevent fraud on your accounts.)

While our Mobile Deposits service is safe and secure, it’s important to always keep track of your deposited checks. If you take a picture of your check in your car, for instance, do not leave the check in your glove box, where your account information can be stolen. You also want to ensure you don’t re-deposit a check, as you’ll most likely be hit with a returned check fee, or, in more serious cases, suspended from using the service.

Below is everything you need to know about Quorum’s Mobile Deposits service.

How To Use Mobile Deposits

  • Download the Quorum mobile banking app for iOS or Android.
  • Select Deposit from the main menu.
  • Select the account to deposit funds into and enter the amount of your check.
  • Take a picture of the front and back of your endorsed check.
  • Click Deposit Check to submit for processing.

Once a deposit is received, it is pending approval. If approved, funds are posted to the account according to Credit Union processing times but no later than 48-hours after submission. (Check deposits are not posted on Saturdays, Sundays, or Quorum holidays.) Funds will be available based on our regular funds availability policy, please refer to our Truth in Savings Disclosure for additional information.

Remember: No one other than yourself should make deposits to your account and never provide anyone your online/mobile banking login credentials for any reason.

Tips For Taking a Good Picture of Your Check:

  • The check must not be folded, bent or otherwise damaged.
  • Remove all perforated areas from the check.
  • Endorse each check with “FOR QUORUMFCU MOBILE DEPOSIT ONLY” and be sure that all payable parties sign.  
  • Place the check on a dark, flat and non-reflective surface.
  • Avoid areas with bright lights or sunlight that might cause glare.
  • Ensure the entire check (all four corners) is visible in the check capture area.

Eligible Accounts:

The following accounts are eligible for Mobile Deposit use:

  • Checking
  • Savings

Accepted Checks:

Generally, the same types of checks that you deposit in the mail, at an ATM, or at a service center, are also accepted for mobile deposits:

  • Personal checks
  • Cashier’s or bank checks
  • Certified checks
  • Federal Reserve checks
  • Treasury checks
  • Business checks
  • Money orders

Checks That Are Not Accepted:

The following checks will be rejected and you will be alerted via an email notification from Quorum:

  • Checks over dollar amounts designated by the Credit Union.
  • Altered checks
  • Checks in a foreign currency or drawn on a foreign bank
  • Post-dated checks
  • Stale-dated checks (generally, checks dated more than 180 days prior to receipt)
  • Unsigned checks
  • Traveler’s checks 

Keeping Your Paper Checks

Save your deposited paper check(s) in a secure location until you have confirmed it has been successfully credited to your account. Thereafter, store your checks securely for a period of 60 days, as we may ask for a copy of any check for verification. After that time, you may destroy the check.

Viewing Pending Deposits

Log in to mobile banking, click on Deposits from the menu and then on the History Tab to be able to view your history. Deposits listed with a status of Pending are under review. If your check was rejected, you will receive an email notification from Quorum indicating the reason.

Examples of Why a Check May Not be Accepted:

  • Unable to read check/image is too blurry
  • Missing endorsement
  • Duplicate check (already submitted for deposit)
  • Submitting only the front image of the check
  • Deposit amount exceeds daily limit
  • Check is made payable to someone other than the account owner

You will receive an email notification from Quorum if your deposit is rejected.

To learn more, read our Mobile Deposits terms and conditions, and go to the Mobile Deposits section.

*Deposit limits may apply.

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CUNA 2023 diamond award trophy icon

CUNA 2023 Diamond Award Winner

Financial Education

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