Making Loan or Credit Card Payments

Never miss a loan payment with our easy and secure loan payment options!


Quorum's ABA Routing Number: 221981335

Medical Loans

Two easy ways to make payments to your Quorum Medical loan.


Make payments via Online Banking

Set up one-time or recurring payments to your loan via our online or mobile banking service. You'll need to register for online/mobile banking and link your external account at your other financial institution.


Please note, if you are paying your HELOC, you will need to transfer the funds from your external institution to your Basic Savings Account (BSA) first. Once the funds are in your BSA, you can proceed with transferring the payment to your HELOC.


Set up recurring payments via the Quorum Loan Payments Portal

This is the easiest, most convenient way to make your monthly payments. Quorum's Loan Payments Portal lets you set up one-time or recurring payments, manage alerts, review your payment history, and save up to three funding accounts and three debit cards. We make it easy for you set up your Loan Payments Portal profile so you'll never have to worry about missing a payment!


Please note, one-time payments via this channel will incur a convenience fee of $1.95. To avoid incurring convenience fees every time you make a payment, set up recurring payments via our Loan Payments Portal!


Click here to access our Loan Payments Portal. 


As an added convenience, you can also make one-time payments to your medical loan via one of the following over-the-phone options.

  • Automated Telephone Service: Call (732) 907-6287 to make a payment from a non-Quorum bank account or a debit card. You'll need your zip code, your member number and the four digit suffix number of the loan you are paying. If you do not have this information, please call (800)874-5544 and one of our agents can assist you. You will be charged a convenience fee of $1.95 for using this service.
  • Member Service Team: Call (800) 874-5544, Monday through Friday between 8:30 am - 7:00 pm ET to set up a payment with a Member Service Representative. You will be charged a convenience fee of $9.95 for using this service.


1st Mortgage Payments

Your mortgage payments are automatically set up.


When you applied for your 1st mortgage with us, you set up your automatic monthly payments with Quorum during the closing process. Your monthly payment is scheduled to be debited out of the account you chose. 


If you need to make additional payments, simply log in to online banking, click on "More" from the Dashboard, then "Additional Services." Under "Loan and Credit Card Services," select "Make a Principal Loan Payment." You can only make additional payments from an existing Quorum account.


Should you have any other questions, or need assistance, please contact us at (800) 874-5544, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. ET.   


Home Equity Loans

Important information about making Home Equity Loan payments.


From Monday, December 2nd through Friday, December 13th, we will be transitioning service and the payment options will be limited.

If you have a recurring payment set up to pay your loan, we will process it on the date you specified, and it will be reflected when the transition is complete. There is no need for you to take action.

If you would like to set up a new one-time payment or recurring payments, please click here to download and complete the ACH Form.

If you are making a one-time payment, you can do so by mailing a check to:

Quorum Federal Credit Union,
P. O. Box 11733,
Newark, NJ 07101-4733

or by calling us at 800-874-5544 and pressing option 4.

Credit Card Payments

Four easy ways to make payments to your Quorum credit card.


In order to make payments to a new credit card, you must register it in online banking first. Here's how:

  • Log in to online banking at
  • Under Quick Links, click on "Make a credit card payment".
    • If you've never accessed this link before, you will be brought to a registration screen. Follow the prompts to register your card.
    • If you've accessed this link in the past, you will be redirected to the Credit Card only section of online banking. Once there, click on "Add a new card" under Quick Links, then follow the prompts to add your new card.

Once you've registered/added your new card, you can from choose any of the four options listed below to set up your payments.


Make a payment via the Quorum credit card payment site.

  • Log in to online banking at
  • Click on "Make a credit card payment" under Quick Links. If you've never accessed this link before, you will be brought to a registration screen. Follow the prompts to register your card. 
  • Click on "Make a Payment" under the card you wish to make a payment to.
  • For one-time payments: Enter the required information, then click Submit.
  • For recurring payments: Click on the "Automatic Payments" tab. Enter the amount you wish to pay (Minimum Amount Due, Statement Balance, or Other), then click Submit. Payments will be pulled each month on your credit card due date (you cannot select a different date).


Make a payment using the Transfers function.

  • Log in to online banking at
  • Set up a one-time or recurring transfer from another financial institution into your Quorum savings or checking account.
  • When the funds are available in your Quorum account, log in to online banking and click on Transfers to set up a one-time or recurring transfer to your credit card.


Send a Check* or Money Order 

Mail to: Quorum FCU PO Box 71050 Charlotte, NC 28272-1050 Overnight check/money order payments can be sent to: PSCU Financial Services, Attn: Payment Processing Dept, 560 Carillon Parkway, St. Petersburg, FL 33716.


Set up AutoPay* 

Set up automatic monthly payments (minimum payment or full amount due). Call our Member Service Team to set it up at (800) 874-5544, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. ET. 


*U.S. financial institutions only.

All Other Loans

For all other loans, we have several options you can choose from.


Transfer Between Quorum Accounts

Log in to online banking and click on "Transfers" to set up a one-time or recurring transfer.


Set up Monthly Payments from an Outside Institution

  • Mail/Fax: Complete and return our ACH Origination Application.
  • Phone: Call us with your bank information (routing number, bank address, account number).
  • Online Banking: To transfer funds from your account at another financial institution, you'll need to set up an external account: Log in to online banking, and click on "Add/verify external account(s)" from the Quick Links menu on the right, then the "Link External Account" button. (It may take up to three days for your external account to appear.) Once you confirm your two trial deposits, you will see the account listed in the “To Account” and “From Account” drop-downs in the Transfers feature. Then, schedule your one-time or recurring external transfer directly to your loan account. Please note that you will need to make payments using another method until you receive confirmation via mail that your ACH payment setup is complete.
  • Mobile Banking: To transfer funds from your account at another financial institution, you'll need to set up an external account: Log in to the mobile banking app and click on "Transfers" under the Main Menu, then click on "Add Account" and follow the prompts. Once you've completed the set up process, you can schedule one-time or recurring external transfers directly to your loan account.

Mobile Deposit

Download our Android or iOS app from your smart phone. Use our app to deposit your check into your Quorum checking or savings account, then use the Transfers feature to transfer to your loan.