Membership Eligibility How to Join Quorum Federal Credit Union

As with all credit unions, in order to take advantage of Quorum’s products and services, you must be eligible to join Quorum. Quorum membership eligibility is based on your affiliation with a group within our field of membership. These groups include partners we serve, as well as relatives of an existing Quorum member.

Quorum membership is free, and once you are a member, you are a member for life.

Learn why members choose Quorum.

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How to Check if You're Eligible for Quorum Federal Credit Union Membership

Select Employee Group (SEG) Affiliation

Quorum is a SEG-based credit union. SEG stands for Select Employee Group. SEGs are companies that partner with us to provide credit union membership to its employees. (Once a company or organization becomes a SEG, all of its current employees, retirees—and current employees’ and retirees’ family members—are eligible to join the credit union.)

View the companies that have chosen Quorum below. If you are a current employee of that company, or a retiree, you are eligible for Quorum membership!

Kraft Heinz Logo

The Kraft Heinz Company and its subsidiaries

Mastcard Logo


Mondelez International Logo

Mondelēz International

Ogilvy Logo

The Ogilvy Group, Inc.

Hitachi Logo

Hitachi Metals America, Ltd.

Avon Logo

Avon Products; New York and Newark, DE

Family of Select Employee Group Employee

Are you a family member of an employee who currently works at a Select Employee Group, or who has retired from a Select Employee Group? The following relationships to a current SEG employee or retiree qualify you for Quorum membership:








Spouse/Domestic Partner





Other Ways to Become a Quorum Member

You can also become a Quorum member if you are a member of one of our partner associations below.

(Please note: you will have the option to establish membership to either partner association during the Quorum membership application process; it is not necessary for you to join a partner association prior to beginning your Quorum membership application):

American Consumer Council Logo

American Consumer Council (ACC)

ACC is a national organization committed to consumer education and awareness. Joining ACC is free and automatically qualifies you for Quorum membership. (You will have the option to establish membership to the ACC during the Quorum membership application process.)
Select Savers Club Logo

Select Savers Club (SSC)

SSC is a not-for-profit club committed to helping its members achieve their financial goals with information on spending, saving, borrowing and managing money and debt wisely. Joining SSC automatically qualifies you for Quorum membership; there is a $5 lifetime fee, which is paid for by Quorum. (You will have the option to establish membership to the SSC during the Quorum membership application process.)

Not Sure if You Qualify?

Our online application will help you to determine if you are eligible for Quorum membership, or help you join a partner association, and makes the process quick and simple.

Interested in Learning More About The Credit Union Difference?

Learn more about the differences between banks and credit unions, what sets Quorum apart, and why our members continue to choose us.

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Is Your Company Interested in Becoming a Quorum Select Employee Group?

Partnering with Quorum as your company’s credit union is a great addition to a benefits package.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve already started my Quorum loan application. Do I need to submit a Quorum membership application, too?

While the same membership eligibility rules apply for all of Quorum’s products and services, please note that for Quorum mortgages and home equity loans, establishing a Quorum membership will be a part of your loan application and there is no need to start a separate membership application.

I am no longer an employee of a Select Employee Group. Can I still qualify for Quorum membership?

While only current employees and retirees (as well as their family members) are eligible for Quorum members, you can consider joining either the American Consumer Council or Select Savers Group. Our online membership application will help walk you through this step.

I no longer work at my Select Employer Group. Can I keep my Quorum Federal Credit Union membership if I've already been accepted?

Once you are a Quorum member, you are a Quorum member for life.

Our company is interested in becoming a Quorum SEG. Where do I learn more?

Partnering with Quorum as your company’s credit union is a great addition to a benefits package. Learn more here.