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Our leadership team is committed to wise investments and sound lending decisions that grow our business and benefit our members. The team answers to our Board of Directors, which consists of member volunteers elected by you.



Mark Werner

Chairperson  |  View Bio

Bruce L. Fishstein

Director  |  View Bio

Steven Klepfer

Vice Chair Person  |  View Bio

Valaree Brown

Director  |  View Bio

Jan Price

Treasurer  |  View Bio

James F. Ingold

Director  |  View Bio

Jeff Feuerstein

Director  |  View Bio

Michael L Penncavage

Associate Director  |  View Bio

Gerald Filippone

Associate Director  |  View Bio

Supervisory Committee

Supervisory Committee

James F. Ingold

Chairman  |  View Bio

Gerald Filippone

View Bio

Michael L Penncavage

View Bio

Management Team

Management Team

Bruno Sementilli

CEO  |  View Bio

Diane Slifstein

Chief Servicing Officer (CSO)  |  View Bio

Jeffrey Pachter

President  |  View Bio

Carlene Armetta

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)  |  View Bio

Tavis Briechle

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)  |  View Bio

George Cacchiani

VP, Information Technology & Facilities  |  View Bio

Tyson Blackburn

Chief Lending Officer (CLO)  |  View Bio

Ericka Jenkins

VP, Human Resources  |  View Bio

From the CEO's Office

Like businesses and families across the country, Quorum felt the impact of the pandemic and was tried and tested by COVID-19; it forced us to pivot on initiatives we had planned to deliver to our members and partners, first rallying to meet your most immediate needs.

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Our History.

Helping members for 80 years, in the pursuit of their happiness. From a small cooperative effort to a nationwide powerhouse of over 70,000 members strong. Thousands of people just like you—saving and growing money together. So that we may all enjoy greater financial clout.


Of, by, and for the employees.

In the midst of the Great Depression, when banks were failing and personal savings were being lost as a result, a group of Kraft employees in Chicago, IL decided they could do better. Kraft Employees Credit Union was formed "of, by, and for the employees." The concept was that saving together under one roof would provide more financial clout for all members, big or small.


General Foods gets on board.

General Foods employees in NYC devised a similar goal: “to pay as large a dividend to shareholders as possible and, at the same time, make loans available to members at the lowest possible rates.” In its first year, General Foods Federal Credit Union (GFFCU) saw 324 members, $6,374 in assets and a net income of $349.


Once a member, always a member.

In 1981, the motto "Once a member, always a member" was adopted by General Foods Federal Credit Union, guaranteeing membership for life, regardless of a career change, retirement, move or change in household.


ATMs enter the picture.

GFFCU installed its first ATM machines, extended membership eligibility to lifetime status, and broadened membership to Philip Morris employees. This was the year Philip Morris purchased Kraft Foods, setting the stage for a merger between General Foods Federal Credit Union and Kraft Employees Credit Union several years later.


The Quorum Name.

In June of 2005, the Credit Union opened its doors to additional Select Employee Groups (SEGs), causing a surge in membership to 41,000 and assets to $537M. In December 2005, the Credit Union changed its name to Quorum Federal Credit Union to reflect its growth beyond its corporate roots.


Game-changing growth.

Quorum launched the Vacation Ownership Funding Company to expand its reach into the vacation interval industry, and partnered with CU Student Choice, helping undergraduate students bridge the gap between total education costs, and traditional financial aid. By the end of the year, Quorum had helped over 50 students go to college, and loaned over $500,000.


New brand, website, and online banking.

In March 2014, Quorum launched a new brand platform, corporate website and online banking service, incorporating a new visual brand identity and logo—all focused on delivering a superior member experience.