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2019 Year in Review

Dec 17, 2019

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Experience, Experience, Experience.

You’ve all heard it: The customer is king. In Spanish and Italian, it’s “The customer always has a reason.” In Japan, “The customer is a god.” Today more than ever, customers have a choice, and that means businesses—the smart ones, at least—are looking to enhance the experience of every customer interaction, from navigating the website, to talking to a representative, to receiving a product or service.

At Quorum, we have a similar saying: “You’re the boss.” As a member of our Credit Union, you are part owner and operator of a cooperative; YOU have a vote to elect our board of directors, and YOU receive profits back from us in the form of low or no fees for financial services, lower interest rates on loans and higher interest rates on deposits. And because you’re our boss, we want to be sure we’re meeting your demands. We weigh our investments carefully, and continually right-size them so that we can offer you the best value at any given moment.

We’re making changes internally to achieve the best possible experience for all of you, changes which will allow for less steps, more automation, faster servicing and turnaround times, greater satisfaction, all the while delivering competitive rates and products. We’re asking, “Why?” more. We’re reviewing paper processes and looking for digital alternatives. We’re evaluating our systems to be sure they are integrated, efficient, and current. Where we can allow you the choice of self-service, we continue to invest in those processes as well.

Enhancements in 2019 were considerable: implementing a new loan origination system, introducing a home equity loan service center (with extended hours and expert assistance), offering more education around our online/mobile banking service (as well as continuous investments into the technology). We launched a new, highly competitive HELOC product (the RealtyLine PLUS), and also welcomed new partners in specialty lending.

But we’re not close to done.

We’re excited to bring Quorum into the future, and are challenging ourselves to meet you on your terms, and on your time. Thank you to our long-time Quorum members who have seen us advance and welcomed this gradual evolution, and thank you to our new members who have challenged us to broaden our digital offerings. We hope we continue to be your financial provider of choice, and one you can feel good about.

Thank you to our Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee, who have supported us on this journey, and remain committed to serving you and your family.

Here’s to a great 2020, and a great banking experience for all.  


Bruno Sementilli