Mechanical Repair Coverage: Protection Against Unexpected Repair Costs

Mechanical Repair Coverage (MRC) goes beyond manufacturer warranties and may help limit unexpected covered repair costs as your vehicle ages, potentially saving you—and your budget—big time. In addition to comprehensive* parts and labor coverage, plans may include benefits like roadside assistance, car rental, emergency travel reimbursement and towing.

Instead of footing the entire bill for an unexpected breakdown, mechanical repair coverage offers a range of deductibles, allowing you to determine how much you want to pay for covered repairs. What’s more, MRC works at any authorized repair facility in the U.S. or Canada. Stay safe on the road ahead, with Mechanical Repair Coverage from Quorum’s trusted partner ForeverCar.

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With MRC, enjoy valuable benefits.

Mechanical Repair Coverage makes it easy to help limit repair costs and keeps your car on the road for many miles to come. Enjoy the freedom of comprehensive mechanical repair coverage:

Mechanical Rental Reimbursment 1

Rental reimbursement: up to $35 per day (5-day maximum, 10-day maximum for parts delay); available on the first day of a covered repair

Mechanical 24h Roadside

24-hour emergency roadside assistance: up to $100 per occurrence; includes towing, battery jumpstart, fluid delivery, flat tire assistance and lock-out service

Mechanical No Outta Pocket

No out of-pocket-expense (except for any deductible): the administrator pays the repair facility directly for the covered repair

Mechanical Authorized Repair

Works at any authorized repair facility, in the U.S. or Canada!

Mechanical Rental Expense Reimbursement

Emergency travel expense reimbursement.

Mechanical Custom Deductible

Customizable deductible, allowing you to determine how much you want to pay for covered repairs.

The total cost of owning and operating a vehicle averages more than $8,500 a year.**

The older your vehicle gets, the more expensive it can be to fix it. Brake repairs can run around $500, while alternator or starter replacement generally costs between $400 and $600.** A new automatic transmission? Factor $5,970.**  Mechanical Repair Coverage may help you keep your costs in check.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Mechanical Repair Coverage (MRC) different from auto insurance?

Auto insurance generally offers collision, comprehensive and liability protection. While auto insurance offers protection from bodily injury, property damage and medical payments, it can fail to protect you from hassles of mechanical breakdowns. Mechanical Repair Coverage protects you from mechanical breakdowns. When you have both, your car is covered—inside and out.

What does Mechanical Repair Coverage (MRC) cover?

Mechanical repair coverage provides protection beyond manufacturer or powertrain warranties. In addition to comprehensive parts and labor coverage, these plans may include benefits like roadside assistance, car rental, travel reimbursement and towing.

What is a manufacturer’s warranty?

A manufacturer’s warranty is a promise by a manufacturer that they will repair or replace defects in your car, or that your car will be of a certain quality, for a specified period of time.

A Few Things You Should Know

*Certain conditions and components are excluded, such as inadequate maintenance and loss of coolant or lubrication of the vehicle, corrosion, and parts designed for limited life such as bulbs, filters and brake pads. See the exclusions section of the service contract for complete details.

**Planning for Auto Maintenance and Repair Costs

Mechanical Repair Coverage is provided and administered by Consumer Program Administrators, Inc. in all states except CA, where coverage is offered as insurance by Virginia Surety Company, Inc., in NH, where coverage is provided and administered by Consumer Program Administrators, Inc. dba Consumer Warranty Program Administrators, in TX, where coverage is provided and administered by Consumer Program Administrators, Inc. dba The Administrators of Consumer Programs (TX License #175), in FL and OK, where coverage is provided and administered by Automotive Warranty Services of Florida, Inc. (Florida License #60023 and Oklahoma License #44198051),and in WA, where coverage is provided by National Product Care Company and administered by Consumer Program Administrators, Inc., all located at 175 West Jackson Blvd., Chicago, Illinois 60604, 1-800-752-6265. This coverage is made available to you by CUNA Mutual Insurance Agency, Inc.

The purchase of Mechanical Repair Coverage is optional. This document provides general information about Mechanical Repair Coverage and should not be solely relied upon when purchasing coverage. Be sure to read the Vehicle Service Contract or the Insurance Policy, which will explain the exact terms, conditions and exclusions. Coverage varies by state. Replacement parts may be new, used, non-OEM or remanufactured.

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